Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Do what you got to do...

Since I have been here I have met some brave little girls. I have also met some on the shy side, but they are coming around for sure. In this council we have over thirty girls that stepped up and said they want to share their Girl Scout story with the world around them. They are our Socialites. These girls are amazing and though shy at first, are really stepping up to the task at hand. They represent the girl population from this council. Some have already had spots on TV, radio, and in the newspapers where their faces beam back at us as a symbol of Girl Scouts of Louisiana-Pines to the Gulf.
They have worked really hard and had to do some practicing. Practice consisting of speaking in front of each other and practice in front of a video camera. That can be quite intimidating. They are refining their public speaking skills and I must say these girls have some potential. In the spirit of teaching them and giving them experience into real life situations where public speaking may come in handy…I invited TV personalities out to speak with them about obstacles, triumphs, goals, and more in the world of media.So far the girls in north Louisiana have done this and the girls in south Louisiana will do have that chance here soon. It was such a pleasure to hear them speak to the girls and see the girls listening so intently. It was obvious they were really paying attention and making mental notes of the advice.
When asked if they ever got nervous, one women said she used to all the time. She assured them that it is only human nature to be a little intimidated by the unfamiliar setting, but that she learned to speak only to the camera early on and now it is like talking to a good friend. I loved that! It was such a little thing really,  so simple. Here was this very successful TV anchor that has interviewed hundreds of celebrities and world figures (she is a Girl Scout alum I might add), and she needed practice to make her better at what she did. She did her best keep it simple and not over think things and then it came naturally to her. She found her courage the best way she knew how and one day…she just wasn’t nervous anymore.
Our Socialites are going to make us proud. I am already so proud of these fun, exemplary young women. Keep your eyes out for them in the media and around your community at recruitment time. They are giddy with the thought of helping to introduce all the wonderful opportunities in Girl Scouting to others.