Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Annie's Supplies for Success

            Those that attended the Annual Meeting had the pleasure of hearing Annie Edwards' very touching story and recount of her Gold Award Project. Those that did not attend missed a very well thought out presentation from an incredibly poised young lady who is surely destined for great things. Her project Supplies for Success is devoted to providing much needed school supplies for children in need. She discovered along the way that sometimes the things we take for granted everyday are necessary for success in life. She comes from a family that was able to provide the necessary items she needed to go to school. Annie says, “I learned how truly fortunate I really am especially when I learned of the boy who was excessively absent from school because he did not have any shoes.”  He was sharing a pair of shoes with his brother and could only go to school part time because of it.  She says, “Although I did not consider shoes a school supply, it was to the student who received them. He was able to attend school regularly and successfully complete the school year because of that pair of shoes he received through this project.”
            Annie truly is an inspiration to all of us. After speaking so eloquently about her project and her efforts, she dedicated her Gold Award to her late troop leader Ms. Lula Richardson- Guillory. She spoke of how Ms. Lula had been her leader for ten years and she had inspired the girls to be great and be leaders in all they do. We want to commend Annie on her continued efforts to see this project through and look forward to so many more exceptional things to come from her.

Monday, March 25, 2013


There are girls all through the council that are working very hard on their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Their hard work deserves recognition. These projects take many hours of work and dedication. The girls must identify a problem that they care about and decide on the best plan of action to solve that problem. Now you can see in their own words some of the thought process, planning and implementation that went into their projects. 

 Arielle and Jade's Girl Scout Dam Project

Jo'Wanna Beautifies Camp Bon Temps