Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Get Pinning

This is such a fun time of year. Everything is shiny and bright and it is a great time to be inspired. That is exactly what we're hoping will happen with our "12 days of courage, confidence, and character" adventure on Pinterest. We've got just a few rules though.
1.    The contest runs from December 14-25. All boards must be submitted by December 25.
2.    Although we welcome your pins and thoughts, you must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Louisiana-Pines to the Gulf to be eligible to win the prize pack. (Sorry sister councils). Please don't let it discourage you from participating just for the fun of it.
3.    You must make a board titled 12 days of the 3 C's and then post the link to that board on the original pin announcing the contest no later than December 25.
4.    You can pin from anywhere or submit your own photos as pins. You must have all twelve pins on your board to be eligible to receive the prize pack.
5.    The boards will be judged by a panel of staff judges in the categories of Most Creative, Girl Scout Spirit and Holiday Spirit. One prize will be awarded for each category (three prizes total will be awarded).
6.    The winners will be notified by January 5, 2013.
That’s it. Let’s have a little fun and get pinspired!! Hope this gets you in the holiday spirit!.


Monday, December 10, 2012

"Tis the Season to Be Giving Back

Guest Submission
By: Laura Faulk

The Louisiana Pines to the Gulf Girl Scouts have really embraced a “service with a smile” attitude towards helping others.  These girls have get-up-and-go to get-out-and-give.
          The girls and their chaperones went “Trick or Treating for the Needy” on October 27th, 2012.  They turned what is traditionally a time to indulge in a bit of gluttony on candy collected from strangers into a time to give generously to strangers from food they collected themselves.  Girls dressed in their Halloween costumes went door-to-door to gather canned goods and other non-perishable items for the needy.  Eleven girls collected 300 pounds of goods in just two hours and donated the haul to Foodnet.
          “I couldn’t believe how much fun the girls had going door-to-door and NOT collecting candy,” said Chantal Saucier, mother of Brownie Troop 79 member Karima Duhon.
          “It means a lot to have the young kids in the community understand what it means to help others,” said Mel Jones, Executive Director of Foodnet-The Greater Acadiana Food Bank.  “This makes a difference for our organization.  This is the difference that allows our organization to keep our doors open.”
          The girls walked the walk for a Halloween service project, and then it was time to talk the talk at “Talking Turkey,” a Thanksgiving-themed service project.  Troops made Thanksgiving cards and met at the Cornerstone South Assisted Living/Nursing Home in Lafayette on November 19, 2012.
          There the girls donned turkey hats and danced to “The Chicken Dance,” which was aptly renamed “The Turkey Dance” to better suit the day.  The cards were passed out to the Cornerstone residents following the dance, and the girls were encouraged to sit and talk with the people who had come to watch them.
          “It was a wonderful experience for the girls to get to meet and get to know some of the residents,” said Maria Felton, leader of Brownie and Junior Troop 374.
          “They had a wonderful time,” said Lisa LeBlanc, Cornerstone Activities Director.  “The way they performed, it was awesome.  The girls were very friendly.”
          Cornerstone residents enjoyed receiving the handmade cards and watching the “tiny turkeys” dance.
          “They were darlin’,” said resident Frances Syfan, 90. “It really gave everybody a lift, I think, for them to come in there. I know it did me.”
          “It was very exciting,” said Ariana Felton,7, a member of Brownie Troop 374.
          The next service project is called “Holiday Hospitality.” Girl Scouts will meet at the Girl Scout office on Kaliste Saloom on Saturday, December 15th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm. Girls will spend time making original Christmas cards. The finished products will be given to an individual who will distribute them to people who have to spend Christmas in the hospital.
          Girls attending this service project are encouraged to bring crafting supplies, old Christmas cards, scraps of wrapping paper, glue, and other items that can be used in the construction of the cards. Girls will also need to bring their own drink and a nut-free snack to share.
The Girl Scout Law says, “I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely, make the world a better place, and be a sister to every Girl Scout.” The Louisiana Pines to the Gulf Girl Scouts are living out this law in their actions and know that it is not enough for us to be go-getters. We must be go-givers as well.