Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Get Pinning

This is such a fun time of year. Everything is shiny and bright and it is a great time to be inspired. That is exactly what we're hoping will happen with our "12 days of courage, confidence, and character" adventure on Pinterest. We've got just a few rules though.
1.    The contest runs from December 14-25. All boards must be submitted by December 25.
2.    Although we welcome your pins and thoughts, you must be a registered member of Girl Scouts of Louisiana-Pines to the Gulf to be eligible to win the prize pack. (Sorry sister councils). Please don't let it discourage you from participating just for the fun of it.
3.    You must make a board titled 12 days of the 3 C's and then post the link to that board on the original pin announcing the contest no later than December 25.
4.    You can pin from anywhere or submit your own photos as pins. You must have all twelve pins on your board to be eligible to receive the prize pack.
5.    The boards will be judged by a panel of staff judges in the categories of Most Creative, Girl Scout Spirit and Holiday Spirit. One prize will be awarded for each category (three prizes total will be awarded).
6.    The winners will be notified by January 5, 2013.
That’s it. Let’s have a little fun and get pinspired!! Hope this gets you in the holiday spirit!.


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